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  • What type of photography do you do?
    I specialize in e-commerce product photography, 360° product photography and Lifestyle Photography.
  • What are the product size and weight limitations?
    Items must be 20 inches or less and under 20 lbs. for the 360° spins. All 360° products MUST be able to stand alone without any props. Contact me regarding all e-commerce and lifestyle shots as I can adjust my studio a bit to accommodate some larger products.
  • What is your turn-around time?
    Typically, seven business days. However, depending on the number of products, number of shots per product and the overall complexity of your project the turn around time is subject to change. This would all be discussed during a phone, email or in-person meeting giving me a better idea of the scope of your project.
  • How do I place an order?
    Fill out the Client Questionnaire, making sure to include as much detail as possible. I will email you with an estimate with full details. If you accept my estimate, you will deliver your products to me. If you are local, you are welcome to drop them off in person otherwise ship via FedEx, UPS or USPS. I am not responsible for lost items and I do recommend sending a paid return label if you would like your product(s) returned. If not, I will donate to a local charity. I will email you an invoice. I accept all the major Credit/ Debit cards, Apple Pay, cash. You can also come to my studio and pay in person. To proceed, your payment is required.
  • How do I get my product to you?
    If you are local, you are welcome to drop off your product(s) to my studio. Shipping via FEDEX, UPS is suggested along with an email to me with tracking. If you would like your product(s) returned, please send a prepaid return label and I will ship back as soon as the project has concluded.
  • What is the final resolution and format of the deliverables?
    I use professional grade digital photography equipment and photograph in Raw format. By default, all final deliverables will be 300 resolution in JPG format. At your request, I can deliver TIFF format if this works better for you.
  • Can I request a re-shoot?
    If I have made a mistake, I will reshoot or edit the image/ images for no additional fee. If that is the case, we do accept re-shoot requests by email within 24 hours from the time that we have delivered the photos or proofs to you. If you want us to reshoot your products due to a mistake that you have made, you may have to pay an additional fee.
  • Can I add more images to my order?
    If you request additional session time, and/or adding more products/photos, to your existing order, while we are working on the project, the charges will be calculated according to your estimate.
  • What about editing and re-touching my images?
    Yes! for each product, I will do post-processing and retouching to remove flaws, dust, marks, or to add sharpness, adjust shadows, reflections. Most e-commerce products captured on white only require basic editing. For additional fees, I offer advance retouching services to straighten crooked labels, correct any packaging flaws and any other custom retouching needed. If I feel the product(s) could benefit from additional retouching, I will reach out to you for approval and updated estimate.
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    If you decide to cancel your order after we receive your products and/or the payment a minimum charge of $250 may apply. Once we start working on the project, refunds can not be issued.
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